December, 2012

“Site of the Crime” from A Simple Revolution

After a long process involving research and interviews, Judy Grahn’s remarkable memoir, A Simple Revolution: The Making of an Activist Poet, is finally available in print. Through riveting accounts of her experience in an era of dramatic change, fear, repression, and liberation, Judy invites her readers to partake in intimate memories that remind us that the world we live in was made by struggles personal and public, lost and won. We share with you an excerpt from Chapter 2—“The Body and its Discontents,” in which Judy describes the persecution and criminalization she experienced as an out lesbian in the military. This passage highlights the visceral poetic narrative style and brazen commitment to honesty found throughout A Simple Revolution. We hope you enjoy this selection, and that her book can find a loving home inside yours. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on author events, signings, and more.
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