July, 2011

Nancy Agabian Readings in San Antonio and NYC: July 2011

Nancy Agabian, author of Me as her again: True Stories of an Armenian Daughter, will be braving the summer heat in San Antonio and New York City for two upcoming events at the end of July. On July 28, Nancy will be reading at the Macondo Writers Workshop, the annual workshop founded by Sandra Cisneros for writers of social justice. After reading with her fellow Macondistas, Nancy is off to Governor’s Island for the First Annual NYC Poetry Festival, a cavalcade of poetry under the sun.

A Simple Revolution Submissions Deadline: August 1st

July 19, 2011 • We want to remind everyone that submissions for our first event for A Simple Revolution: Community Dialogue with Judy Grahn are due a week and a half from now, on August 1st.

Visit A Simple Revolution‘s Blog for Judy’s Second Post!

July 12, 2011 • Aunt Lute is pleased to announce that the new post from Judy Grahn can now be read on the website for A Simple Revolution: Community Dialogue with Judy Grahn.

“A Simple Dream and a Simple Revolution” © 2011 Judy Grahn

I want to tell you why I decided to call this community website (as well as a section from my memoir), “A Simple Revolution”. This phrase is adapted from my sister poet and friend Pat Parker’s poem, “It’s a Simple Dream”. In her poem, published in 1974, about four years into Gay Women’s Liberation, the narrator asserts that she doesn’t want a revolution that is of the vanguard, or of the masses or that turns the world all over, that she as a black gay woman just wants to walk down the streets holding hands with her lover, go to a bar, use a public bathroom—and not be arrested by the police, harassed by white bikers, beaten by her black brothers, screamed at by ladies (that is to say, straight women) in bathrooms.

Judy Grahn Discusses A Simple Revolution: July 10, 2011

On July 10th, lesbian author, activist, and social theorist Judy Grahn will hold a reading and discussion about her recently-launched project with Aunt Lute Books, A Simple Revolution: Community Dialogue with Judy Grahn, at Francis of Assisi, 145 Guerrero Street, San Francisco from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

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