March, 2011

“We Saw Each Other” © 2011 Judy Grahn

We held the first all-women’s dance of our west coast Gay Women’s Liberation movement in Berkeley in 1970, in a very plain green-walled rented, or maybe donated, hall. Several dyke volunteers guarded the doors to make sure men stayed away. All-women’s dances were happening in 1970 in New York and Boston as well, and perhaps other places, indicating that activist lesbians were on a similar energy beam and had moved outside the bar scenes. The guarded, possessive quality of typical gay bar life fell away for a while; we connected with each other in an eroticism of promises and power. A communal erotic and rebellious beat took hold of us; we began to dance with whoever was there, not as a romantic arrangement, but as a flirtatious soaking up and spreading of a new exhilarating vibrational rate. As I remember these were not couple dances, more geometric figures—four, five-sided, or circular—and the dancing was vigorous, interactive. In that first rush of sexual solidarity, we saw each other as a group of warriors, Gay Women’s Liberation’s handsome warriors. We saw each other, and in that first bursting we liked what we saw.

Oklahoma Welcomes LeAnne Howe Home for American Indian Award

March 15, 2011 • The Ada Evening News, Tulsa World, and other Oklahoma news outlets celebrated LeAnne Howe’s homecoming to receive the Tulsa Library Trust’s American Indian Festival of Words Author Award on March 5. LeAnne took a break from her work in Amman, Jordan to accept the award, which recognizes the literary contributions of outstanding American Indian authors.

LeAnne Howe Working on New Novel as a Fulbright Scholar in Amman, Jordan

March 1, 2011 • While many of are following the news in Middle East unfold our TV and computer screens, LeAnne Howe is witnessing the events unfold around her as a 2010-2012 Fulbright Scholar living and teaching in Jordan, Amman. She is also working on a new novel that ties together the 1917 Arab revolt with present-day American Indians in the Middle East.
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