December, 2007


The end of the Cultural Revolution in China in 1976 marked the beginning of an exciting phase of literary activity as the state loosened its grip on literature and the arts.

Making Face, Making Soul: Haciendo Caras

A bold collection of creative pieces and theoretical essays by women of color.

Me as her again: True Stories of an Armenian Daughter

Untangling knots of personal identity and family history, Nancy Agabian deftly weaves a narrative alternately comical and wrenching. Moving between memories of growing up Armenian and American in Walpole, Massachusetts, and her later experiences at Wellesley College, then Hollywood and, finally, Turkey, Agabian offers an illuminating meditation on the sometimes bizarre entanglement of individual desire (sexual and otherwise) in the web of family life and history.

Miko Kings: An Indian Baseball Story

Just as the team is poised to win the 1907 Twin Territories’ Pennant against their archrivals, the Seventh Cavalry Soldiers, Miko Kings’ Choctaw pitcher Hope Little Leader sees a storm blowing in.

My Jewish Face & Other Stories

My Jewish Face & Other Stories chronicles the coming of age and coming out of a daughter of the Jewish left.

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