June, 2007

Teacher at Point Blank

Why would a high school teacher who loves teaching leave school—after half a career in the classroom?

Meditating on subtle and overt forms of violence in secondary public education from an up-close and “pink collar” point of view, Jo Scott-Coe’s sharp and poignant collection of essays answers this question at a time when concerns about school performance, safety, and teacher attrition are at an all-time and often anxious high.

Teaching at the Crossroads: Cultures and Critical Perspectives in Literature by Women of Color

In Teaching at the Crossroads, Laurie Grobman presents an innovative model for teaching multicultural women’s literature.

Through the Eye of the Deer: An Anthology of Native American Women Writers

Animal stories have been handed down through the rich oral traditions of over five hundred distinct American Indian languages and cultures, offering understanding about and guidance to the natural and social worlds.

Transforming Feminist Practice: Non-Violence, Social Justice and the Possibilities of a Spiritualized Feminism

After years of teaching women’s studies courses and seeing the frustration, paralysis and depression of young students who grapple with the hard realities of social activism, Leela Fernandes has written a social critique that examines contemporary feminism and social justice movements.

The Two Mujeres

This is the English translation of the extraordinarily popular Mexican novel that remained on Mexico’s Top Ten Best Sellers list long after its initial publication.

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