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The Aunt Lute Foundation is a multicultural women’s press. The priority of our staff is to publish work by women, both transgender and cisgender, not traditionally served by mainstream publishers, particularly works by women of color. Our editing process is necessarily sensitive to the perspectives/voices/truths of the women with whom we work.

What we’re looking for:

We seek manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, by women from a variety of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and subcultures; women who are self-aware and who, in the face of all contradictory evidence, are still hopeful that the world can reserve a place of respect for each woman in it. We seek work that explores the specificities of the worlds from which we come and examines the intersections of the borders that we all inhabit.

We do not accept:

  • Currently, we only accept poetry if it is submitted as part of a larger body of work or an edited anthology.
  • We generally do not consider, given our particular readership, works about therapy or self-help.

If you wish to submit your manuscript:

Please note that Aunt Lute Books is able to bring to press only a very limited number of new books each year; currently, our publications schedule has been filled through 2019. For this reason, we encourage you to submit to other presses at this time. However, if you are still interested in submitting to Aunt Lute Books, we look forward to reviewing your manuscript.

Please send a cover letter, synopsis, a table of contents and two sample chapters of your work (or approximately 50 pages) to: Aunt Lute Books, Attn. Acquisitions Editor, P.O. Box 410687, San Francisco, CA 94141. Do not staple any pages, and make sure that each page is numbered and has your name at the top. Remember, do not send your only copy of anything!

  • We do not accept emailed submissions.
  • We do not accept manuscripts sent by certified mail, or return receipt requested, to our post office box.

We also need to know if you have submitted your work to other publishers. Please notify us immediately if another publisher begins to give the manuscript serious attention.

If you would like your manuscript returned to you:

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage (please no postcards). Manuscripts that are not received with a self-addressed stamped envelope will not be returned.

Please allow at least three months to review the manuscript. While we make an effort to read all work carefully, our ability to respond with detailed criticism will vary according to our current workload and staff availability.

We encourage you to consult our catalog to get a sense of the areas in which we publish and the audiences we currently serve.


Rights and Permissions

For information about any kind of rights request (reprints, photocopies, foreign rights), please send an email to

Desk Copies

To obtain a desk copy of a book you are using for a class, you may either email or fax us at 415.826.8300. Please include information about the class you are teaching, including the course name, the department, and the expected enrollment in the course.

While we do not generally send out free exam copies of our books, we will usually send out copies at greatly reduced rates (to cover shipping and printing costs) to college and university instructors. Please email us at if you’d like to request an examination copy.

Review Copies

To obtain review copies of our books, please contact our marketing and publicity department at

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