Imaniman edited by ire’ne lara silva and Dan Vera

54 writers reflect on the complex terrain—the deeply felt psychic, social, and geopolitical borderlands—that Gloria Anzaldúa inhabited, theorized, explored, and invented.

El Mundo Zurdo 5

El Mundo Zurdo 5 is a collection of diverse essays and poetry that offer scholarly and creative responses inspired by the life and work of Gloria Anzaldúa.

Good Girls Marry Doctors

Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion, edited by Piyali Bhattacharya, is the first anthology to examine the multiple facets of daughterhood in South Asian American Families. These narratives combine to expose struggles that are too often hidden away from the public eye, while reminding those going through similar experiences that they are heard, and they are not alone.

El Mundo Zurdo 4

El Mundo Zurdo 4 is now available, featuring selected essays and creative works from the 2013 meeting of The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa.

El Mundo Zurdo 3

El Mundo Zurdo 3 is the newest collection of diverse essays and poetry inspired by the life of Gloria Anzaldúa.

flesh to bone

Rooted in a Chicana/Latina/indigenous geographic and cultural sensibility, the stories of flesh to bone take on the force of myth, old and new, giving voice to those who experience the disruption and violence of the borderlands.

A Simple Revolution

In telling her life story, Grahn reflects on the profound cultural shifts brought about by the women’s and gay rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The “simple” revolution she recounts involved not just the formation of new institutions (the Women’s Press Collective, Oakland Feminist Women’s Health Center, A Woman’s Place Bookstore), but the creation of whole new ways of living, including collective feminist households that cut through the political and social isolation of women.

El Mundo Zurdo 2

Aunt Lute Books is excited to announce the publication of El Mundo Zurdo 2, a collection of diverse essays and poetry that offer scholarly and creative responses inspired by the life and work of Gloria Anzaldúa

Choctalking on Other Realities

The collected stories/essays in Choctalking on Other Realities, by Choctaw author LeAnne Howe, depict, with wry humor, the contradictions and absurdities that transpire in a life lived crossing cultures and borders.

Shell Shaker

Red Shoes, the most formidable Choctaw warrior of the 18th century, was assassinated by his own people.

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