Penny Rosenwasser

Penny Rosenwasser is Events Coordinator for the Middle East Children’s Alliance and a long-time activist with (and a founding board member of) Jewish Voice for Peace. She has been organizing around a large spectrum of peace and social justice issues for over forty years, including full human rights for Palestinians and Israelis.

Lawrence Walker

Lawrence A. Walker is the translator of Geling Yan’s White Snake and Other Stories and editor of her English-language work. A native of California, he holds a degree in Languages and Linguistics from Georgetown University, an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois, and a Master’s in Administration and Management from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium…

Jean Weisinger

Jean Weisinger has taken photographs throughout the world, traveling to England, Amsterdam, Germany, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Southern United States.

Sauda Burch

Sauda Burch is a black lesbian author living in Oakland.

Adrienne Mitchell

Adrienne Mitchell is a literary translator and tenured professor who holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with a focus on second language acquisition and pedagogy, as well as an M.A. in Romance Languages from the University of Oregon.


WOSAD (Women of South Asian Descent) Collective first came together as students at UC Berkeley to compile writings by South Asian women.

Eileen Tabios

Eileen Tabios is the author of the poetry collection Beyond Life Sentences (Anvil 1998), which received the Philippine National Book Award for Poetry…

Nick Carbó

Nick Carbó is the author of two books of poetry, El Grupo McDonald’s (1995) and Secret Asian Man (2000)…

Imani Harrington

Imani Harrington’s writing and ideas on HIV/AIDS have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and abstracts, as well as at local and national conferences.

Chyrell Bellamy

Chyrell D. Bellamy (Bellamy-Sarr) has been an educator, advocate and activist in the AIDS field since 1987, specifically on behalf of women and people of color.

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