Guest Contributors

Below you’ll find bios, along with original writing (and photographs!) by Guest Contributors who have contributed to A Simple Revolution as an event reader or guest blogger.

Joan Annsfire, Patricia Jackson, Carole Morton, and Chana Wilson were our featured readers for A Simple Revolution’s October 13, 2011 event, which celebrated the history and legacy of the Bay Area lesbian movement. Their original stories, along with audio recordings of their readings from that evening, are available here. Maggie Jochild, Deborah La Garbanza, and Ann Valiant’s original pieces were also selected from submissions for the October 13 event.

Photographer Cathy Cade and musician/poet Animal Prufrock featured their work here, and were joined by Dulce Garcia, Lenn Keller, and Joy Lam for our April 26, 2012 event, “Struggle, Then and Now: Intergenerational Voices on the Bay Area Lesbian Movement.”

Joy Lam – “No Sympathy for Something Queer”

Joy Lam is a transplant from Maryland. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area six years ago after earning a degree in Economics from the University of Maryland. She is an independent filmmaker and has recently finished her second short film entitled The Straight Pill. Lam currently works as a Union Apprentice Carpenter for Local 22 in San Francisco. Read More »

Lenn Keller

Lenn Keller is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, musician, promoter, community activist, curator, oral historian and archivist. Since arriving in the Bay Area from Chicago in 1975 as a single mother, she has been an activist in the LGBT community, and has collected and archived materials documenting the lesbian and LGBT communities. Read More »

Dulce Garcia

Dulce Garcia is a fierce Queer Xicana Femme born in Mexico City and raised in East Los Angeles, where she evolved from a high-risk youth to an outspoken community activist. Read More »

Animal Prufrock – “I Will Begin with My Name”

Animal Prufrock is a musician, poet, artist and television theme song interpretive dancer. S/he currently lives in San Francisco where s/he is the musical director for CASA, a children’s art program that produces an original musical each year. Currently, s/he is pursuing a PhD in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and lives with her mini hotdog and 70’s femme secretary in San Francisco. Read More »

Cathy Cade – Photography from 1972 to 2011

A lesbian activist-artist since the early 1970s, Cathy Cade has been publishing and exhibiting photographs of LGBT communities for over 40 years. Accordingly her main bodies of work include: women and work, women building unions, lesbian and LGBT community events, women’s music, lesbian mothering, old lesbians, disability rights, fat politics, and anti-war marches. As she approaches her 70th birthday, Cathy enjoys photos from the 1970s with the photos she’s taking now. Read More »

Joan Annsfire – “The View from Capp Street” (with audio)

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Joan Annsfire has lived in the Bay Area for more than thirty years and now makes her home in Berkeley. Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including the Harrington Lesbian Literary Quarterly, Sinister Wisdom, and Identity Envy. Always interested in writing but overwhelmed with the daunting necessity of earning a living, Joan didn’t begin to write seriously until after being diagnosed with cancer twenty years ago. Read More »

Patricia Jackson – “Anti-Rape Squad #38″ (with audio)

Patricia Jackson is a 70-year-old dyke eco-feminist who stood on her first picket line in 1963. She continues to protest on behalf of social justice, and won’t stop, she says, until we have a worldwide feminist revolution that includes everybody. In the meantime, Patricia serves on the board of San Francisco Gray Panthers, works with a statewide consortium of LGBTQ intergenerational projects, and is completing a memoir. Read More »

Maggie Jochild – “Chasing the Second Wave in San Fran”

As 1978 began, I was living in a lesbian-separatist land collective outside Durango, Colorado. I was 22 and voraciously reading the output of wimmin’s presses. When the two collective members I was closest to announced they wanted to leave, head for a city, I threw in my lot with them: I wanted to be where [...] Read More »

Deborah La Garbanza – “Fledgling”

Deborah La Garbanza’s work has appeared in the Harrington Lesbian Literary Review, Identity Envy—Wanting to Be Who We’re Not and Take 5: Read These Lips. Having survived the seventies, she now lives in a cottage in the Oakland foothills. Read More »

Carole J. Morton – “Transgressing the Patriarchy” (with audio)

After years of feminist and lesbian feminist activism, including leading the fight for lesbian mother custody rights, Carole Morton returned to school and became a licensed psychotherapist and nutrition consultant. Her work considers the socio-political, physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the individual, and focuses on healing the mind and body naturally. Carole has a private therapy practice in Walnut Creek. Read More »
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