Give Out Day has finally arrived!

Give out day 2017 banner

Give Out Day is coming up! We’ll be posting more info closer to the event, but for now, please save the date. Here’s a quick guide to get you up to speed:

Q: What is Give Out Day?

A: Give OUT Day is the ONLY national day of giving for the LGBTQ community – a 24-hour online fundraising event that unites donors and nonprofit organizations from across the country to raise critically needed funds. Give Out Day 2017 is happening on Thursday April 20th.

Q: So cool! What happens when I donate?

A: Your donations support our Internship program and our public readings, panels, and other events! More detailed info here:

Q: Where can I donate?

A: You can donate at

Q: 4/20 is a *ahem* special holiday for me. I’m worried I might forget to donate. Can I schedule a donation ahead of time?

A: YES! Just head to and click the donate button. You can fill out your credit card information ahead of time. *Please note that your card will be charged on 4/20.*

Q: What hashtag are ya’ll using?

A: #Loot4Lute. Clever, isn’t it?

Q: I really wish I could donate, but I don’t have the money. How can I help?

A: Invite your friends to our Facebook event, post about us on twitter, tell your family, etc. Everything bit of effort helps!

Let us know if you have any other questions. Stay tuned for more info! #Loot4Lute


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