A Review of Borderlands/La Frontera by News & Letters

The 25th anniversary edition of Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldúa was reviewed for the September edition of News & Letters, a Chicago-based publication committed to meaningful dialogue on the ideas of Marxist-Humanism and revolutionary social change. Reviewing for News & Letters, Susan Van Gelder reflects on the significance of Borderlands, calling it a “fundamental spiritual and intellectual guidepost for serious revolutionaries today.” Gelder writes: “The Introduction to this 25th anniversary edition opens with the shocking reminder that Borderlands was one of the books banned under a 2012 law prohibiting
Mexican-American studies in Tucson, Ariz., public schools. Since its publication in 1987 it has been a watershed and not only for Chicana lesbian-feminist-activist writers. Gloria Anzaldúa’s work always bridged her own insights to a universality of borderlands: geographic, spiritual, cultural, sexual.” Click here to read the full review and to read more from News and Letters Committees.

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