Lunarchy: Judy Grahn’s poetry is music to our ears

“The Woman Whose Head Is on Fire”

Lunarchy is the fusion of Judy Grahn’s poetry and Anne Carol’s compositions. The collaboration began about three years ago with an acoustic guitar in book stores, piecing together ideas on a hand held recorder. Since that time Lunarchy has become an electrified rock tapestry of drum machine, red guitar, and poetic sounds, and includes a wide array of talented collaborators. At our October 2009 event The Judy Grahn All Hallows’ Eve Extravaganza, for example, Lunarchy was graced by multi-instrumentalist musician and composer Jesse Olsen on bass.

The track above is from their EP Detroit Annie Hitchhiking. Judy and Anne Carol have been working on a new album, which we hope to feature some samples from soon. Stay tuned for details about their upcoming album release party. In the meantime you may want to visit Anne Carol’s website to listen to more songs.

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