Jo Scott-Coe Joins Blog Tour

Jo Scott-Coe, author of Teacher at Point Blank, is featured in the blog tour, My Writing Process, whose purpose is to showcase the ways in which various writers engage in the writing process.

For nearly 20 years Scott-Coe has worked as a writer, teacher, and scholar at institutions throughout Southern California. Her writing on the intersections of education, gender, and violence has appeared in many publications.

In the blog, Scott-Coe discusses her current projects, how her work differs from those within the same genre, how her writing process works, and why she writes what she does. “I go through binges and cycles of generative writing. I find that I discover and actually “see” what I’m doing better after several weeks of semi-attentive percolation. I come back fresh–and also even hungrier.” You can read the entire post, and learn more about Jo Scott-Coe by visiting her website.

On July 13th, Jo Scott-Coe will read from Teacher at Point Blank alongside fellow authors Bonnie Zobell and Stephanie Barbé Hammer at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA. This is a event you don’t want to miss!

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