New eBook titles available

Our collection of eBooks continues to grow! Me As Her Again, A Simple Revolution, and El Mundo Zurdo 3 are now available for use on your tablet.


Me As Her Again: True Stories of an Armenian Daughter is a narrative of personal identity and family history that is both comical and wrenching. Author Nancy Agabian offers an illuminating meditation on the sometimes bizarre entanglement of individual desire in the web of family life and history. At the heart of this unraveling is a grappling with the history of trauma and upheaval experienced by her paternal grandmother, who survived the Armenian Genocide, and the legacy of that wounding experience for Agabian and her extended family.


A Simple Revolution: The Making of an Activist Poet, author Judy Grahn refuses dramatic, psychological narratives that readers have come to expect in memoirs. What emerges is a new, deeply compelling story, grounded in honesty, humility, and compassion—compassion for herself and for the wonderful, if wounded, people who surround her… striking an artful balance between remembering her past, the past of others, and intervening politically in how we think about history.


El Mundo Zurdo 3 is the newest collection of diverse essays and poetry that offer scholarly and creative responses inspired by the life and work of Gloria Anzaldúa, selected from the 2012 meeting of The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa.

Check out our complete list of eBooks to see other available titles, and stay tuned for more!


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