flesh to bone selected as Book of the Month for Las Comadres National Latino Book Club

ire’ne lara silva’s flesh to bone has been selected as the May 2014 Book of the Month for the Las Comadres and Friends National Latino Book Club! Las Comadres’ mission is to connect and empower Latinas through community building, culture, learning and technology. silva will be featured at their national teleconference in May to share her personal story and flesh to bone with over 100 Las Comadres networks across the country. Make sure to sign up for Las Comadres’ email list to receive updates about silva’s forthcoming teleconference and other events.

There’s more great news, too—flesh to bone was recently reviewed in The Monitor by David Bowles. David praises silva’s work, remarking, “With a wholly original voice that interweaves sacred and mundane, light and shadow, lyric and realism, inner life and vast landscape into an unforgettable tapestry, ire’ne lara silva emerges in the volume from the mists of folklore and custom to establish herself as an important and necessary figure of Texas letters.” You can read the entire review here.

Click here to order your own copy of the book and see what all the buzz is about!

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