The 2013 Nolose Conference and revisiting Shadow on a Tightrope

This month the 2013 Nolose: Survival of the Fattest Conference will take place in Portland, Oregon over the July 19-21 weekend. With speakers, panels, workshops, yoga, and more, the conference will work to disrupt the fat-hating status quo by bringing together a community of fat and queer revolutionaries.

Based in Oakland, California, Nolose is a volunteer run, nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking free from the dominant culture’s body image ideals by ending the “oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture.” Their vision is to establish a world that resists fat phobia, discrimination, hatred, and prejudice and where “beauty, morality, health, humor, and fashion are divorced from size and shape and all bodies are celebrated.” Also intrinsic to their mission is the belief that all oppressions are interlocking, and thus the fight against fat phobia must be integrally linked to all social justice issues.

In light of the 2013 Nolose conference, now is the perfect time to revisit one of our earliest titles, Shadow on a Tightrope: Writings by Women on Fat Oppression. Published in 1983, Shadow on a Tightrope was the first anthology to come out of the fat liberation movement, giving fat women a forum to speak for the first time. Aunt Lute was at the forefront of publishing about fat oppression over 30 years ago, and we continue to share in Nolose’s efforts to ensure that “we leave nobody behind.”

We just restocked our shelves with this groundbreaking anthology! See where it all began by ordering your own copy, and help fulfill the authors’ hope that the book will “help women recognize the reality of fat oppression in their own and other women’s lives, and find the courage to fight back.”      


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