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The Cancer Journals: Special Edition eBook faithfully reproduces this groundbreaking work, including the six photographs of Lorde taken by Jean Weisinger and twelve of the tributes to Lorde composed after her death. The importance and relevance of this feminist meditation can hardly be overstated. More than thirty years after the original publication, frank discussions of radical mastectomy can still be deeply uncomfortable. The advances made in gene testing have actually forced more women to choose between living with risk or living without one or both of their breasts. Lorde’s work remains a testament to her strength and clear-eyed understanding of both the personal and political realities of breast cancer.

Shell Shaker and Miko Kings: An Indian Baseball Story are novels by LeAnne Howe, an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation who was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas in 2012 for her fiction, poetry, screenplays, creative non-fiction, plays, and scholarship. Like much of Howe’s work, the novels deal with American Indian experiences and also share a unique narrative structure where plots unfold in multiple timelines. In Shell Shaker, winner of The American Book Award, Howe expertly entwines murder mysteries set in the 18th century and in 1991, and in Miko Kings, she follows the story of an Indian baseball team during the height of baseball fever in 1907, through the Vietnam war in 1969, and on to present day. In these highly readable novels, Howe’s natural humor blends seamlessly with her insightful reclamations of Indian identity.

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