Aunt Lute title offered for a discount at Bluestocking Books in San Diego

In honor of Pride month, the San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation is offering a discount of 25 percent off selected LGBT titles that the multicultural LGBT book club has read or supported. One of the titles included is The Woman Who Owned the Shadows, a novel by Native American poet, writer, scholar, and Aunt Lute author Paula Gunn Allen. If you find yourself in the San Diego area during the month of June, stop by Bluestocking Books to take advantage of this wonderful offer.

The San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation was started in November 2012. The book discussion group is facilitated by Caleb Rainey, who holds a Masters degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on literature by gay men and lesbians of color. Each month, the group reads multicultural LGBT literature and works to build a more progressive LGBT community.

In the words of the Foundation,

“One way that we learn our heritage is through the stories we tell, the experiences we record. At the San Diego LGBT Literary Foundation we believe in the fundamental importance of literature for our community’s health and culture. When you go to an independent bookstore and buy a new book by an LGBT author you are committing a political act. You are saying that their words are worth hearing; that you will not stand idly by while your community’s literature goes out of print and your community’s book stores and presses shutter their doors.”

Support great literature and celebrate the spirit of Pride by picking up some must-read LGBT titles!


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