Judy Grahn’s A Simple Revolution reviewed by Lambda Literary

Judy Grahn’s memoir, A Simple Revolution: The Making of an Activist Poet, has recently been reviewed by Lambda Literary Review.

Julie R. Enszer writes that “in many ways, A Simple Revolution is both a memoir—this is what happened—and a do-it-yourself manual—this is how you can make your own revolution: build communities, engage in activism, write, think, and imagine new ways of being.”

More from the review:

“A Simple Revolution is a subtle and crucial book. Subtle in how it does its extraordinary work, in the attention that Grahn pays both to her craft as a prose writer and to her thinking as a historian and significant theorist of lesbian-feminist and gay liberation. Crucial in the stories she tells, in the pieces of history that dangle precariously on the edge of erasure, at risk of being forgotten.”

Read the full review online at Lambda Literary’s website.

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