Borderlands/La Frontera featured in the Warscapes multi-piece retrospective “Uncertain Borders”

November 30, 2012 •

This month, online magazine Warscapes is running a six-piece feature in response to Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza. A truly compelling and insightful collection of essays and visual art, “Uncertain Borders” brings to light nuanced analyses of movement, migration, power stratification, language, and the forging of identities. An introduction from editors Veruska Cantelli and Bhakti Shringarpure:

Sarah Lippek’s indignant essay takes on the controversial category of “whiteness” to examine the racially complicated terrain of the past two decades that has enabled the draconian anti-immigration discourse in the US that has led to the exclusion of Anzaldúa’s work and others that followed. Veruska Cantelli’s piece explores Anzaldúa’s ability to cross boundaries to question identity, history, gender, language, sexuality and the very space one calls community. Joshunda Sanders writes of the personal impact Borderlands has had on her education, and subsequently in fashioning her own persona as a woman of color sharing “in the mestiza identity that Anzaldúa wrote about all her life…” Visual artist Cecilia Concepcíon Alvarez’s quest into the mujer chicana leads us deep into the complexity of the relationship between gender and dominance, and towards an alternate look at traditional imagery.

In addition to these articles, Warscapes is running excerpts from Borderlands.

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