The Judy Grahn Reader reviewed in Feminist Teacher

September 12, 2012 •

The Judy Grahn Reader, a collection spanning four decades of poetry, essays, fiction, and a full-length play, has been reviewed in Feminist Teacher, a University of Illinois Press journal. The review celebrates the reader as a valuable teaching tool, stating:

“Grahn’s insights into the intersection of identities and the performance of gender and sexuality predate mainstream academic discussions of intersectionality and performativity…. Whatever the use to which one might choose to put this book in the classroom, Grahn’s wit, emotional range, and memorable language are likely to generate a strong impetus for student response.”

Whether inside or outside the classroom, The Judy Grahn Reader is an educational and inspirational comprehensive volume which gathers the varying strands of her writing and makes visible the tremendous scope of her ongoing contribution as a feminist thinker, activist, and literary artist. And this fall Aunt Lute will be publishing her memoir, A Simple Revolution, chronicling her life as a political activist and celebrated poet in the Bay Area during the tumultuous beginnings of the Lesbian Movement in the late ‘60s.

The issue of Feminist Teacher including this review can be found at JSTOR.

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