Imani Harrington continues to make HIV/AIDS visible

September 5, 2012 •

Imani Harrington (also known as Iye), playwright, writer, artist, and co-editor of Positive/Negative (Aunt Lute 2002), continues to address the complexities of living with HIV/AIDS. Her visual artwork is featured in a & u, America’s Aids Magazine. Entitled Pony Tail, Harrington stated that her work “raises the specter: Where might we be as a species in the future with HIV and AIDS? Not gloom but boom, cells. As I continue living with HIV/AIDS, I seek to understand what living and dying cells even mean. I present a shadow-self, reflections of all of us, thirty year and with pony tail. We are all connected.”

Visit a & u’s website to view the provocative mixed media piece, and her own to learn more about upcoming projects.

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