New excerpt from Judy Grahn’s forthcoming memoir, A Simple Revolution

August 8, 2012 

As she enters the final stretch of her memoir, Judy Grahn reflects on her early days in San Francisco, the antiwar movement, and her induction into the feminist movement in this excerpt from A Simple Revolution.

From Judy:

In this last stretch of my memoir I enter a phase that is both exciting and nerve-wracking. My doubts, always present, redouble themselves — can I keep it readable all the way through? Can I pull the threads together so it all makes sense? Will the many people who have been in touch with me since I began the research now be angry over the ways I have portrayed them? Can I stand firmly in everything I have said? My dreams are anxious, and wake me repeatedly.

Yet this is also the most exciting part, with editors and friends helping on every side, finalizing the manuscript becomes my personal Olympic dash. The series of deadlines make writing seem like a series of qualifying athletic events that require the very best the writer can give it. So grateful to have them with me on this run, as we scribble notes back and forth in the margins and make ink marks in three colors all over the pages.

Visit Aunt Lute’s A Simple Revolution Community Forum to read a portion of Capp Street and The Common Woman Poems, from chapter three of Judy’s forthcoming memoir.


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