Asha Kanwar

Asha Kanwar is an Indian woman who lives in New Delhi where she teaches English at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. After a traditionally arranged marriage at eighteen, she continued her education mainly supported by various scholarships. A British Council grant enabled her to obtain her Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sussex, England, where she wrote her doctoral thesis on British Marxism and the nineteenth century novel. Asha received a Fulbright fellowship in 1992 for research on fiction by African American women writers which she conducted during her tenure at the English Department at Iowa State University.

Asha is the author of two critical books entitled The Novels of Virgina Woolf and Anite Desai (New Delhi: Prestige, 1989) and Fictional Theories and Three Great Novels (New Delhi: Prestige, 1990). She has translated Ngugi wa Thiong’o's novel Matigari into Hindi (New Delhi: Atma Ram, 1991). She plans to translate stories from The Unforgetting Heart into Hindi, so that readers in India, especially Dalits, will have access to the expressions of a people whose resistance is similar to their own.

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