Borderlands 4th Edition Kickstarter campaign featured on BiblioBitch

July 13, 2012

This week we were honored to find that our first-ever Kickstarter campaign to help cover the cost of printing and distributing a special 25th anniversary edition of Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera had been featured on Bitch Media, as well as Donna M. Alexander’s blog,  América’s Studies.

In BiblioBitch, writer Devyn Manibo describes how Anzaldúa’s work helped them better understand and construct their own identity as a queer person of mixed race, and to navigate their own experience living in the cultural borderlands.

[Anzaldua] helped me realize that the comfort I thought I found in labels was simply an assimilationist value I had adopted, not for myself, but for the comfort of others. I never knew how to answer the question, “so, what are you?” It was what I had been grappling with for my entire life; I was living between worlds–the borderlands. I am not either or, but rather, on the edges of all, in an unstable, and ever-changing terrain, “nepantla”–a Nahuatl word for the in-between spaces, where the boundaries are unclear, and we are constantly in transition. I can use ambiguity as resistance, and realize that I do not, and never will, fit so neatly into the boxes left out for me, for that would be the death of the borderlands, and the death of the identities I hold.

In academia, PhD student Donna M. Alexander cites Borderlands as a book that “inspired her life’s path” on her research blog América’s Studies, arguing that Anzaldua’s work is a foundational text in Women’s, Ethnic, and Gender studies programs across the country.

Ethnic and women’s studies is under attack in the US with Arizona being the most recent and arguably the most fervent state in scourging its libraries and classrooms of ethnic studies texts, many of them written or including works by women of colour, including Anzaldúa’s Borderlands.

Click the links above to read each post in full, and please visit Aunt Lute’s Weekly Quotes celebrating the 25th anniversary of Borderlands to read more about the enduring importance and beauty of this groundbreaking work.





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