Got Bullied? Get Disneyland!: Aunt Lute author Jo Scott-Coe on education, bullying, and gender

July 11, 2012

In a recent column published on The Nervous Breakdown, Aunt Lute author and educator Jo Scott-Coe writes about the media attention surrounding Karen Klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor who was cruelly taunted by 7th grade boys in New York. The boys recorded footage of the harassment and uploaded it to YouTube, sparking outrage across the country. Within days, Klein’s story was shared on major news networks and nearly half a million dollars was pledged to send her on a vacation.

While the outcome for Klein is heartwarming, Scott-Coe argues that the media frenzy ignores a larger pattern of gendered harassment and devaluation in education. She writes:

Traditionally, as more women occupy a profession, the lower its status tends to become. That “low status” translates into decreased value for individual testimony from workers, and increased objectification of worker bodies and experiences–especially from people outside the day-to-day workspace.


Read more at The Nervous Breakdown.

Jo Scott-Coe is the author of  Teacher at Point Blank, selected by Ms. Magazine as a Great Read. Her writing on intersections of education, gender, and violence has appeared in many publications including the Los Angeles Times, Swink, Ninth Letter, Hotel Amerika, River Teeth, and Fourth Genre.


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