Borderlands/La Frontera and Aunt Lute Books featured in Daily Kos

June 13, 2012 •

In May of this year, Aunt Lute Books launched our first-ever Kickstarter campaign to help defray some of the considerable costs of printing a Fourth Edition of Gloria Anzaldúa’s  Borderlands/La Frontera. Now two weeks into the campaign, we couldn’t be more thrilled at the outpouring of support this project has received, or more excited to find our Kickstarter campaign featured in a wonderful article on Daily Kos.

Author and academic Mahakali Overdrive writes about how Borderlands continues to inspire her, both in and out of the classroom :

Anzaldúa speaks to every single person who has ever found themselves outside of the state-sanctioned vision of America as a patriarchal, repressed, suppressed, enchained, straight, and delimited space, a place where your identity itself is in contest and where you are told your place, where you can go and where you cannot go without repercussion. Outside of this America is the danger of the wilderness, the borderlands, the bush, Ellis Island, the space between ordinary suburban homes in Florida where Trayvon Martin walked to buy Skittles and Ice Tea and paid for it with his life.


Click here to read the full article, and maybe even share your thoughts on the legacy of Gloria Anzaldúa’s groundbreaking work.



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