Carolyn Dunn

Carolyn Dunn (Creek/Seminole/Cherokee/Choctaw), also of French Creole and Cajun descent, is a wife, mother, daughter, journalist, teacher, poet, fiction writer and catechist born in Southern California. She is the author of the forthcoming volume of poetry Outfoxing Coyote (That Painted Horse Press) and her work has appeared in the anthologies The Colour of Resistance and Reinventing the Enemy’s Language. She received a B.A. from Humboldt State University and an M.A. from UCLA in American Indian Literature, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Saybrook Graduate School. She has taught at Humboldt State University, Four Winds Indian School in Chico, California, and Cal Poly Pomona. A member of the Mankillers, an all women Northern style drum group whose two CDs (All Women’s Northern Drum and Comin’ to Getcha!) are available on Without Rez records. Carolyn collaborates with her husband, James Anderson (Choctaw), on songs for the Mankillers as well as for the indigenous rock band Red Hawk.

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