Impressions of “Struggle, Then and Now”

April 27, 2012

Everyone at Aunt Lute wants to extend a huge thank you to each and every one of the people who came out to participate in last night’s event. Community involvement and passion about the issues of representation, history and inclusivity is what makes events like “Struggle, Then and Now” possible, and we are deeply honored to have facilitated a diverse dialogue between so many involved members of the Bay Area community.

While we are glad that the complex issues our multi-generational community struggles with today were broached in our round table discussion, our intention was to create a space that was not only honest and open, but also inclusive and welcoming for as many people as possible, of all identities. A more appropriate space to continue these discussions would allow for more time to unpack the loaded sentiments we all carry, and have more explicit guidelines to keep the tone respectful.

Again, we thank the community as well as our readers and panelists for coming together to address the history and future of lesbian activism. We hear your desire for a continuing discussion, so please watch this space as we move forward.

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