The Judy Grahn Reader Reviewed in So To Speak Journal

December 20, 2011

So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, recently reviewed The Judy Grahn Reader. You can read the full review on their website. Reviewer Alyse Knorr calls The Judy Grahn Reader “a wonderful and long-overdue collection of Grahn’s poetry, fiction, drama, and essays.” Noting the importance of Judy Grahn’s activism and writing, Knorr comments,

Representing a selection of a writer likeJudy Grahn is no small task. Grahn, a widely-renowned writer and activist, has been producing seminal feminist and lesbian texts in every genre of literature and criticism since 1969. She has contributed enormously to feminist rhetoric and philosophy through her writing and has stood on the front line of many political movements.

Judy Grahn is currently working on a memoir that encompasses the broader story of the Bay Area lesbian movement, entitled A Simple Revolution. A Simple Revolution is not just a book, but an ongoing community project that honors the history and legacy of the Bay Area lesbian movement. Learn more about this important piece of our collective history and add your own voice by contributing to the blog or participating at an upcoming event on A Simple Revolution’s website.

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