Guess When with Judy Grahn

Judy Grahn and A Simple Revolution invite you to guess when each photo was taken. Guess correctly and win a free book from Aunt Lute Books!

Photo courtesy of Lynda Koolish

Photo courtesy of Lynda Koolish

Photo courtesy of Cathy Cade

Photo courtesy of Cathy Cade

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Community Forum

  1. maggie kazel says:

    This is easy! These were taken a) the first, when Judy was gorgeous and the second b) when Judy was gorgeous-er. She is now nearing gorgeous-est, but it’s an ongoing thing, difficult to capture on camera :) And yes, I have a life-long crush on Judy that I nurture every chance I get. :) :):)

  2. Alexa K says:

    It’s so hard to tell… 1978 and 1995? She looks great in both pictures, what a fun idea!

  3. Aileen J. says:

    I guess 1972 and 2001! I am so excited for the next event!

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