Jo Scott-Coe’s Latest: Writer Ninja Podcast; Tongue & Groove; Pizza & Punk Rock

September 30, 2011

After half a career working as a high school English teacher, essayist Jo Scott-Coe now writes and teaches in voluntary exile from that system, practicing recovery and creative witness.

from Jo Scott-Coe’s website

These days, you’ll find Jo Scott-Coe actively sharing her ideas online and offline. She recently read from her book Teacher at Point Blank at a Pizza & Punk Rock night in West Covina, California where a reviewer praised her “edgy” and “haunting” book. You can read the full review of the August 27 event and watch a video of Jo’s reading!—here.


You can also catch Jo Scott-Coe at the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair’s Poetry/Hybrid Stage on October 2 for “Tongue and Groove.” More details about this lively sampling of literature from “a stewardess, a teacher, a tour guide, and a Korean” can be found on the Hollywood Book Fair’s website.

If you’re interested in arts, language, education, culture, and the writing life, tune into Jo Scott-Coe’s recently-launched “Writer-Ninja Podcast.” This podcast series incorporates Jo’s interviews with other writers, activists, and artists—“Zen on the Z-list” is the name of the latest episode. You can listen to all the episodes here.

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