Jean Weisinger

Jean Weisinger has taken photographs throughout the world, traveling to England, Amsterdam, Germany, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, and the southern United States. Jean’s photographs have appeared both on the covers of, and as illustrations within numerous books, magazines, and journals. Her photographs have also been featured in several films, including Black Is…Black Ain’t, A Priority, and Stonewall 25. In October of 1990 she documented the “I Am Your Sister” conference honoring Audre Lorde and her work. Jean has exhibited in selected group and solo exhibitions in cities throughout the Bay Area and Northern California, New York City, Cuba, Georgia, Berlin, and Uganda, Africa.

Of her work, Jean says:

My work is a way I give back to my sisters and to the universe. Sometimes when I’m photographing women, especially women of African descent, I feel like I’m under a spellI feel like a spirit walking among the women, unseen, and this enables me to capture the true spirit of their hearts.

I take photographs not only to document these times and the lives of those who cross my path, but, also to express myself. Photography is a passion born within me, a necessity that is not governed by monetary payment. It has become part of the progress toward freedom and love. Photographing is an act of love and a gift to others.

*Jean’s photography was published in Imagery: Women Writers, Portraits by Jean Weisinger (San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books, 1995, out of print), Aunt Lute’s Weekly Planner 1996-1997.

**In addition, a number of the author photographs on our website were taken by her.

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